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When was the Last Time you said “Thank you” to a Janitor?

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Imagine you are a cleaning person, who is in charge of keeping your building clean, and specifically, you are in charge of making sure that bathrooms are clean and sanitary. While you are cleaning, people are coming in an out of the restroom and imagine that everyone ignores your presence. How do you think this feels?  Unfortunately this happens quite frequently to cleaning staff and this has happened to me as well, as a business owner who occasionally works along side my staff so that I can better identify and improve our janitorial systems.  Now that I am in the cleaning industry, I realize that it is very important to say hello to cleaning people, and perhaps thank them for a job well done, to show some appreciation.  You see, prior to the pandemic, no one ever stopped my cleaning staff to thank them, however, nowadays, things have changed.  Strangers are actually stopping to thank my cleaning staff for helping to keep them safe. Yes the pandemic was and is challenging, but a good thing that came out of it was the gratitude and appreciation that people have for cleaning people, and I hope this gratitude lasts after the pandemic is long gone.


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