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COVID19 Disinfectant Cleaning and Virus Fogging – MRCS

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Is the Coronavirus a new Virus?

Let me just say that the Coronavirus has been with us for a very long time. When I first learned of the virus, I immediately went to my supply closet to look to see whether the cleaning chemicals that I have on hand would kill the Coronavirus. So I read the ingredients of some of my cleaning chemicals and do you know that I already had a disinfectant that I purchased over two years ago, that says it kills the Coronavirus?

Would M.Raudales Cleaning Service’s Existing Cleaning Chemicals Kill the Coronavirus 2 /Covid19?

Even though I had Coronavirus cleaning products on hand, I wanted to make sure these products would work on the Sars related Coronavirus 2 i.e. Covid19, so I immediately ran to my janitorial supply store to talk to my sales representative to see if Neutral Q, the disinfectant that I had on hand would kill the Coronavirus. My rep explained that Neutral Q IS effective in killing the Sars related Coronavirus 2 / Covid19 and he provided updated Materials Safety Data Sheets as evidence of this. After receiving this information, I immediately discarded any existing chemicals that I had on hand to kill the Coronavirus and replaced them with new Coronavirus disinfectants in order to ensure freshness and effectiveness.

Highly Requested Virus and Germ Fogging Services are now Being Offered

Since purchasing the new Coronavirus 2 / Covid19 disinfectants, we at M. Raudales Cleaning Services has introduced a new disinfectant fogging service, which as been popular among our commercial and residential customers. This fog is able to reach areas in which regular (hand cleaning) is unable to reach such as tight crevices, walls and other hard surfaces. We perform fogging services by using a device to release our diluted virus fog into the air of homes and commercial business. So far we have fogged numerous businesses such as places of worship, day cares, residential homes, car dealerships, and the list goes on.

Please feel free to contact M. Raudales Cleaning Services at 919-601-6842 for any questions regarding cleaning, disinfectant fogging or to obtain an estimate, we will be happy to assist you.

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