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Are “Cheap” Janitorial Services Really Better?

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Are you Experiencing Cleaning Deficiencies with your Current Janitorial Service?

We have found that one of the reasons why many companies change janitorial services frequently is because of poor quality, due to a lack of supervision with their current janitorial service provider. First and foremost, we have systems in place to prevent cleaning deficiencies, which include quality control inspections, whereby a supervisor is assigned to a site and has the task of checking behind our cleaners.  At M. Raudales Cleaning Services, we take care of all cleaning-quality issues in-house, before these issues reach our customers, because this is the reason why our customer’s pay us to clean in the first place right?  We believe that it is a waste of our customer’s time and money to have to manage and clean behind our cleaning crew, so the extra steps that we take to ensure high quality cleaning is well worth the price that the our customers pay.

Cheaper is Better, Right?

Just think about it, you search for a cleaning company for your business, then you contact multiple vendors and have them show up to do walk-throughs, then you may just select a vendor based on price.  Well, there is a reason why some cleaning companies are “cheap.”

I’m going to let you in on a secret regarding the cleaning industry, you can’t expect good quality if you are not paying your cleaning vendor enough money, it just doesn’t work like that.  Say for example, you get lucky and you find a cleaning company that is “cheap.” Well first of all this may be a new cleaning company and they may not know how to quote prices properly, so they give you a really good, cheap deal.  Well what usually happens is that this company starts out doing a really good job, then realizes that they under bid, so now they spend less and less time cleaning your site. When they bid on their next job, with a different company, they have now figured out how much to charge, so what happens is that they spend less time cleaning (your company), the first job that they bid on, because they may be losing money on the job, and at this point, their other jobs are paying them enough money to hire workers and inspectors, plus earn a small profit.  Is it worth it for you to pay less, but then turn-around and have to keep interviewing and contracting with different cleaning vendors, because your expectations are too high for the price that you are paying? Keep in mind that cheap service often corresponds with cheap quality.


Quite honestly, we are not the cheapest in town, but we pride ourselves on high cleaning standards and our employees are properly supervised, paid a living wage, and undergo continues training to make sure that we are giving our customers’ a good value. Let’s face it, it takes time to do multiple walk-throughs with different cleaning companies, just find out the “cheap” company is not providing the service that you expect, so then you have to repeat the process of looking for a new cleaning company and taking time to show them around your facility, when your company could have spent a few extra dollars to ensure that they are getting a better quality cleaning service in the first place.

Vet Us

We are confident in our ability to do a quality cleaning job for your company.  In order to find out our track record, please get in touch with some of our current references (listed on the last page) and ask our customers about the quality of cleaning that our customers are getting.  Calling a couple of our references may take a few minutes, but I promise you that you will save yourself some time from interviewing and hiring yet another cleaning company that doesn’t work out in the end.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Raudales Cleaning Services, LLC

Cary, North Carolina



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